“Atchison Clubs For Kids is a Not-For-Profit Foundation whose mission is to unite progressive community leaders with qualified deserving young people to create and nurture an empowerment and educational base for both, while utilizing the honorable game of golf as a building tool, providing an opportunity to embellish the “lessons of life” through the fundamentals of golf.”

This mission is a true reflection of the organization’s long-term vision which is the development of positive influences on the “future of the world”, our youth, by demonstrating and helping to instill core values which are essential in improving the world around us.


Values recognized as being associated with the game of golf are the same values Atchison Clubs For Kids embraces, and which are recognized as true character builders. Some of these encompassing values are:


Honesty and Integrity;  Discipline and Mutual Respect; 

True Commitment and Attention to Consistency and Detail;

Creativity and Imagination In Problem-Solving;

An Unending Quest for Improvement and Knowledge; 

Good Sportsmanship and Camaraderie; 

Maximization of Potential and Social Responsibility.